Ongoing care and assistance for your retrenchment process


Offering assistance to both employers and individuals through retrenchment; Talent Associates tailor a solution to each case, depending upon the level of the role and the skills of the individual concerned. We not only offer our professional experience at the initial stages of the retrenchment process, but offer an ongoing professional resource, aiming to fully assist the individual secure their next career opportunity. 


Talent Associates assist the individual come to terms with all elements of the retrenchment process, help put together their resume, assist the individual in developing their LinkedIn profile, assist in the identification of suitable roles and provide coaching assistance through their search for a new opportunity. This coaching assistance may include; behavioural interviewing techniques, psychometric testing, negotiating a job offer and establishing your brand when you commence with a new employer. 


With our extensive networks, Talent Associates aims to facilitate each individual securing a new role in a reasonable time frame and offering our full assistance as required.